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That is me, I seem to not take any pictures seriously, so that is probably the best I could obtain. Well some might be asking about the title, well if you have read my previous blog over at Xanga.com, then you would know that promoting smoking is the last thing I want to do. Christian Smoker was me having fun playing with words. It was my simple understanding of smoking as a means of relieving stress and rejuvenation. So I took the concept of smoking and applied it to my Christianity where I find my relief, peace, and rejuvenation from the Word and prayer. I found that the smoker’s mentality should be placed into a Christian’s mind, where we should be craving for those breaks and become addicted to our own kind of cigarettes, the Bible and prayer. Also incorporated is my own random thoughts and interesting finds around the internet.

Now information that is actually about me:
School: I currently go to UC Irvine and am studying Business Economics (switched from Civil Engineering)

Residence: My home is located in South San Francisco, but I usually say San Francisco because that city is more recognizable

Church: I currently attend Berean Community Church while I am in Irvine, but when I go home I attend Golden Gate Christian Church

Hobby: I like photography and things encompassed by such a general statement
I have an extensive music collection and I like almost any genre of music, but my main genres would be jazz, classical, indie, rock, instrumental/soundtracks, and folk; I love to discover new music as well

more to come when I think of them…


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