Not being able to sleep at 3 in the morning makes for some weird adventures, but none the less I thought I’d do something productive (well as productive as blogging could be at 3am).

Reflections on coming back (note: not on China), it has been a weird few days, maybe it’s from the jet-lag, maybe it’s from being exhausted for 2 weeks prior, maybe it’s just me, but I know one thing for sure it has been one hard time adjusting back to life in America. All I really want to do right now is to go back to China and meet up with students and do work and be exhausted again and again and again. I don’t know where I’m going with this, all I just know it’s late and half of my body agrees but the other half doesn’t.

I’ve been thinking (very little) and just thought that I might not continue this blog the same way anymore, it’s just a thought, I might feel like doing the same thing by next week, but so far I think I will change how I will blog and what I will blog, nothing specific so far.

Realizations in China:
God is control 100% of the time – He does not let you have 5% or even 1% but gives 0% to His control

As God is everywhere, Satan is nearly everywhere as well, ready to tempt when you’re off-guard

America is in a bubble of sin that it has convinced itself it is fine living in, and has convinced many good intentioned Christians

The body members must always look to the head first and then should then look to the members to see how the task can be done, without looking at the head first, the task is off focus, without looking at the members the task will be done inefficiently

We must be in a pursuit to find God’s clear purpose for us, not some generalization that will not go far in the real world

probably more but I can’t think of them now…


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