This weekend I will be going to Resolved 2008 where I will be live-blogging next to Tim Challies… actually it will be a time for me to just rest in the good Word, hear amazing preaching, and fellowship with incredible friends. The conference runs from Friday the 13th to the 16th so I am sorry to say I will not have time to attend to this blog.

For the ‘Reviews’ section I will put a symbol for the length of the review (L = Long, M = Medium, S = Short)

Summer Readings:
As I promised here is my summer reading plan, I am purposefully making the list longer than what I am capable of reading because if by some chance I did finish the shorter list I would like to have back up, also I like options. The list won’t be too long though because I am going to China this summer for mission work.

Between Two Worlds
John Stott

This is a book I have heard rave reviews over from those well-informed. There isn’t much I can say about this book but that it intrigues me. Although I might never need to preach ever in my life I think that learning about the process is good for me and any Christian, because preaching requires one to exposit the Word correctly, teaches one to stay focused on the Cross, and refines the way something is taught/preached. If that isn’t applicable to Christians I don’t know what I would do.

Resources: Summary (Monergism), Pride in Preachers (Desiring God), Preparing a Sermon (with John Stott) (Josh Harris)

Christian Apologetics
Cornelius Van Til

I bought this book when I was in the infancy of my Christianity and didn’t know what I was getting into. I saw ‘Christian Apologetics’ as the cover and bought it off When I picked it up years later, I went on to figure out who this Van Til was and later was introduced to presuppositional apologetics. I’ve picked up this book and started it multiple times but because this book is so dense I had to put it down every time, so this summer I would like not to continue the tradition and finish this book. Seeing how I already started with this book because I finished my school year books already, you can make this #1 in my order.

Reviews: The Reformed Baptist Thinker (S)

Resources: Van Til: the Theologian (CRTA)

Communion with the Triune God
John Owen

Recently I wanted to start studying the trinity and get more into John Owen’s work, so what better way of doing that then spending time in this book. I bought the reprint edited by Justin Taylor of Between Two Worlds and Kelly M. Kapic, associate professor of biblical and theological studies at Covenant College. But to be honest I think I will make this one one of my back-up books, because if I read this this summer I would have no time for other books, why make it a back-up book then, you might ask, I don’t know, I know I most likely will not even touch this book this summer, only to put it in my luggage and then take it out of my luggage back on to my bookshelf.

Reviews: Irish Calvinist (M), Provocations & Pantings (L), The Shepherd’s Scrapbook (L), Tolle Lege (S)

Resources: Summary (Monergism)

God of Promise
Michael Horton

I have been meaning to start my deeper study of covenant and dispensational theology for awhile, and now with a summer full of motivation I think I’ll start. Having a quick look at it, it looks like it could take a week to finish this book, but if I looked a little closer I noticed that it will take awhile to go through this book because of the density of the content. I think I will make this #3.

Reviews: The A-Team (S), Discerning Reader (S/M), Reformation Theology (S)

Resources: Summary (Monergism)

Studies in the Sermon on the Mount
D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This book comes from a couple of recommendations by friends. I have been meaning to dive deeper into Martyn Lloyd-Jones, so I think this book would be a good book to continue with. Finishing a in-depth study of Matthews during my weekly bible study, what better way to review and refreshed with a deeper study on the Sermon on the Mount. I have been encouraged to read this so I will make this #2.

Resources: Summary (Monergism), Watch the Past: Living Lessons from Dead Theologians (The Shepherds Scrapbook)

From some thinking and deduction I got this order

1. Christian Apologetics by Van Til
2. Studies in the Sermon on the Mount by Lloyd-Jones
3. God of Promise by Horton
4. Between Two Worlds by Stott
5. Communion with the Triune God by Owen


3 Responses to Thirsting

  1. Matthew Ng says:

    Nice Reading List

  2. Christian Smoker,

    Have you considered getting the Works of Van Til (40 Vols.) in digital form? Along with “Christian Apologetics” from your reading list, there are dozens of his books, writings, articles, sermons, audio files, and unpublished manuscripts included in this collection. The digital versions are great, especially for traveling, as it appears you do. Besides other great benefits, such as searchability, you may find that having the digital version will help you read the entire book this summer! Hope the suggestion helps. Happy reading!

  3. ChristianSmoker says:


    Thanks for the suggestion, but I’ve tried reading digital and it just doesn’t work for me either I get distracted or try to write notes and it doesn’t really work out that great, books will always have a place in my life, I can’t explain it but something about turning each page, having to hold down the next page and then having to take out a pen to write notes or underline, I don’t think anything will replace that for me. Plus, I’m a poor college student with no disposable income.

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