Don’t you hate it when you write this beautiful life changing thought and then the program shuts down on you, and you forget what you wrote…

Although I am not highlighting any articles from Prodigal Jon, I would still encourage you to hop over to his site, what I described it as still stands, a sincere guy just going through life with Christ

When did friends get so ugly, I mean, when did experiencing friends mean going on facebook and writing on their wall, see where they went by looking at their pictures, seeing what they did by reading their xanga posts (notice I am not hating on wordpress)? This is ugly, looking at your friends through the mirror of the internet. When did it become acceptable “interaction” to look at your friends emotions only through colons and parenthesis’? I am not condemning those things, but when it starts to replace real interaction, when an option, that is when it becomes ugly. Real People, Not Just Facebook Friends: The Importance of Being There in the New Media Age

On Grudem’s Advice on Inerpreting the Word, he targets his book towards seminarians and pastors but I think it can hugely apply to any layperson. Although he only gives the points from the chapter I think if we can extract a lot from it with a little thought

Insightful look in the a preacher’s thoughts on preaching, by far my favorite line, “If such a thing as a ‘salvation gun’ existed, I would have shot them [unbelievers] between the eyes!”

John Piper comments on the recent emergence of the “adultolescence” and how the church should help those in this limbo

The “Ideal Christian Women,” by Wendy Alsup, Deacon in charge of Women’s Theology and Training at Mar’s Hill Church (Mark Driscoll): Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, if you want to know a little more about Wendy, here is an interview Adrian Warnock conducted with her

John Piper asking Albert Mohler about the changes that happened with the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, it is only a 15 minute excerpt of the end of Mohler’s message which he gave at the 2000 Conference for Pastor’s titled “Courage in Christian Ministry

Attention Davis/Sacramento people again, if you do not go to the “Precious Blood: Christ’s Atoning Work” conference by the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, I will be disappointed

In no way am I specifically supporting/opposing this candidate, just thought it was funny


1 Thessalonians 5:16-18
Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

So for bible study at Berean we recently went through the first half of Matthew 24 and at the end of the study we did a study on eschatology (study of the last days), which got people thinking. People were presented the three major views and then given the two sub views of premillennialism, afterwards people were excited about the information presented and were ready to converse about their own thoughts and views. During an informal discussion someone said that they would happy to just die right now and be in Heaven communing with God, because there is nothing in this world to live for. First, one might be a little shocked a Christian would say that, but then once things settle down in their mind one could convince themselves that Christians are not of this world and while on Earth they do focus on Christ and the future, so feeling that way is warranted. But, I think we should go one step further and not accept that reasoning. I must admit I have thought that before, I probably have wrote it into one of my blogs before too, also one of my favorite books of the bible is Ecclesiastes, so I do not want to point fingers, but even to try to support the case by bringing up Ecclesiastes would be contradictory even ironic. I think that to want to be with God now, could be considered selfish, God has placed us into this world, if He wanted us to be in heaven worshiping Him now, he would have that, so why put us into this world? (Ecc 8:14-17) We are meant to glorify the Lord, we are not the ones that choose how and when He should be glorified. We should not undermine His mighty plans that we do not understand, we are on this Earth for a reason, a reason that we are too human to truly fully grasp, but I urge that we should not only look towards Christ, but to look at what Christ is pointing at, God’s glory in everything. May we “fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man,” until the Day of the Lord, but until then let us worship God for all He is on this Earth.

More to come on this topic with a study on Ecclesiastes in the future (nothing planned yet)

(This was a real situation and I want to say to the person that said the above quote to please not think I was attacking you in anyway, or trying to offend, or trying to get a rise out of you, if you think so please tell me and I will take the necessary actions in that case)


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