I was wondering how I would introduce this site, Prodigal Jon, but all I really have to say it is a very sincere guy who talks about how his faith and personal experiences interact, just read his introduction and biography to get the idea; some post highlights would go to: this is what $3 gets you, Joel Osteen and Macaroni & Cheese, Friends help friends throw up, and Girls in underwear, killing deer and somehow God. Also I like the nice clean simple design of his site

Finding Reliable Men: Mature and Humble, Leaders at Home

Here is a little sermon excerpt on how to listen to sermons (Piper)

Remember the sale at Ligonier Ministries with the $15.17 Bible sale, well I go to class at 8:00am that day and I get out of class and go to the computer lab at 9:00am and check some email and then I go over to Between Two Worlds, if you look in the comments and the time he sent it was 8:15am, I wasn’t going to buy one, but man crazy, but they did extend the sale to the rest of the day, the only down-side, you will get your Bible February of 2008

More about the Literary Study Bible (ESV), seems that the ESV blog has posted almost every single blogger’s post about the Bible, from reviews to general comments

ESV blog has just introduced me to the wonderful world of bible pens, actually they are fine tip markers, which actually I’ve used before on my Gundam Models a hobby I had, but that is besides the point, the blog points to another article on using archival-quality pens to write in your Bible



Psalm 94:18
When I thought, “My foot slips,” your steadfast love, O LORD, held me up.

From Of First Importance:

“I perceived my danger, and cried out in horror, and then, at the very moment of my extremity, came the needed help, “thy mercy, O Lord, held me up.” Often enough is this the case, we feel our weakness, and see our danger, and in fear and trembling we cry out. At such times nothing can help us but mercy; we can make no appeal to any fancied merit, for we feel that it is our inbred sin which makes our feet so ready to fail us; our joy is that mercy endureth for ever, and is always at hand to pluck us out of the danger, and hold us up, where else we should fall to our destruction.

Ten thousand times has this verse been true in relation to some of us, and especially to the writer of this comment. The danger was imminent, it was upon us, we were going; the peril was apparent, we saw it, and were aghast at the sight; our own heart was failing, and we concluded that it was all over with us; but then came the almighty interposition: we did not fall, we were help up by an unseen hand, the devices of the enemy were frustrated, and we sang for joy.”

– Charles Spurgeon, The Treasury of David (Peabody, MA: Hendrickson Publishers), 146.


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