Sorry, did not do much for this post and also incomplete ideas here, I really don’t know why. I promise, deep and powerful stuff next post, ha, well maybe just stuff, but we’ll see. Midterms are coming up, so you might see more stuff on my blog…

Thabiti Anyabwile continues the series on Finding Reliable Men: Hospitable, Able to Teach, I think my favorite one so far would be “Able to teach,” being one of the most applicable, and also the one that is most distinctly evident in a person if given the opportunity, a sort of comb you could say

Mohler on Recovering a Bold Vision for Biblical Preaching

To compliment that article here is one by Jonathan Watson, general editor of the Banner of Truth, on Spurgeon On The Goal of Preaching

Do you think you need discernment when it comes to reading the news

Tony Reinke with a response to a thought John Shore has about today’s evangelism. Shore thinks we have spread the gospel far enough and wide enough that it is now a time to ‘just’ love them

God made this world beautiful for a reason, enjoy it.

This world just needs to calm down for a minute, I know I must say this so often that people are getting tired of hearing/reading it, but I guess it is a reminder to myself as well. This world is so quick, so quick to entangle someone in their busyness, to tell someone they need to be doing something to be productive to be worth something in this world.


Proverbs 4:20-27
Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.

For me I have always been a person to just jump into things, and not think too much about my next step, whether it may be for college, my career, or work in general. This passage is just another reminder to me, to not be so stupid. Evil in waiting and to not care, to not think about where your next foot will be placed is just stupid. Would you think a solider was smart to just jump into the battle field and wait for a bullet to almost kill him to then start thinking about what to do next. Then why do we let ourselves sit around happy and cheerful “stepping”/doing whatever we want to do waiting for the devil to attack, to wait until he makes you get into a crash, makes a car swerve in-front of you, makes a friend insult you, gives you an illness, gives you too much homework to bare, gives you doubt on your salvation, well I’m sorry, you are already losing.


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