Sorry, I did not have much time to update, or another reason could be I am lazy, or it could be that I do not feel like updating on a holiday, but simply I do not have as many entries as I usually do

Story Time kids!! So I was cutting my hair last week, just like any other time, but this time when I was done with the 2, I usually move to the 1 to fade it into the top. Searching and searching through all the clipper products, I could not find the 1, but before I went searching for the 1 I took off the 2. Then forgetting that I took it off, I decided to just shave a little of my head with the 2… yeah… (click on the picture for a bigger version)


here is what it should look like

This is what impatience costs

That is when I figured I should have waited patiently for my mom to “fix” it

As my friend said, it looks like I put a bowl on my head and messed up following the lines…

Answered with any these objections lately?

Here is an insightful interview with Josh Harris on his discipleship under C.J. Mahaney

Over at Shepherd’s Scrapbook Tony Reinke quotes a very relevant article on “Entertainment: the Gospel of Avoidance

The Monergism T-Shirt is out and available now

Win all 6 volumes of the Reformed Expository Commentary Series just by subscribing to Challies.Com at the link I have provided for you

Genesis 1

To ever say or think that God does not care about you would be one of the saddest persons in the world. To realize how big God actually is would be to realize how big the ocean is if you were an ant’s leg. It is just not comprehendable, but to read Genesis and to my limited capacity of knowing how big God is, to care about the animals of the land and sea, to not just say, “I’ll just put some brown stuff there and some yellow stuff there,” He, the maker of heaven and earth, the maker of planets, the maker of galaxies, has made us with the greatest of details that we even have not figured out ourselves. To read that he cared enough to say, I want my glory to be magnified by these “things,” called Man. What a great honor, what a great honor. What a pity we do not realize enough of this privilege.


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  1. John Kim says:

    you look good!!! – better than the mohawk :D

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