Do you think it was too much or too little?

John Piper on “Our Role in Others’ Salvation,” another great, simple, to the fact, message

Bible study last week was on the parable of the two sons, Matthew 21:28-32, and I just found it interesting how it talks about changing of the mind/regret/remorse are assumed synonymous with repentance. My question would be do we think of it the same?
When someone decides not to not clean the house, but changes his mind, we assume that he then went on to clean the house.
When someone says he won’t talk to this person because he angered him in some way, but then regretted it, we assume that later on he probably ended up talking with that person.
Those expressions carry with them an assumed action that would seem ridiculous if not paired together.
So then why do we believe/tolerate/accept expressions of repentance when actions have not changed. I do not mean actions of going to church, taking in communion, or other ceremonial actions, but I essentially mean hatred of sin, where one’s will is more inline with God’s will, a change in mind to your sinful past. One’s life should not then be measured on their religiosity but one’s life should be giving a true meaning the “born-again”

Here is the winning design for the Monergism T-Shirt contest, i really want to buy when it becomes available…

I was laughing so much when I listened to this, you can also find it here if you do not want to download it, this is kind of on the same lines as ‘John Piper is Bad’ video (kind of), which you can see in the ‘Videos’ section



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