30 July 2007

Do you think it was too much or too little?

John Piper on “Our Role in Others’ Salvation,” another great, simple, to the fact, message

Bible study last week was on the parable of the two sons, Matthew 21:28-32, and I just found it interesting how it talks about changing of the mind/regret/remorse are assumed synonymous with repentance. My question would be do we think of it the same?
When someone decides not to not clean the house, but changes his mind, we assume that he then went on to clean the house.
When someone says he won’t talk to this person because he angered him in some way, but then regretted it, we assume that later on he probably ended up talking with that person.
Those expressions carry with them an assumed action that would seem ridiculous if not paired together.
So then why do we believe/tolerate/accept expressions of repentance when actions have not changed. I do not mean actions of going to church, taking in communion, or other ceremonial actions, but I essentially mean hatred of sin, where one’s will is more inline with God’s will, a change in mind to your sinful past. One’s life should not then be measured on their religiosity but one’s life should be giving a true meaning the “born-again”

Here is the winning design for the Monergism T-Shirt contest, i really want to buy when it becomes available…

I was laughing so much when I listened to this, you can also find it here if you do not want to download it, this is kind of on the same lines as ‘John Piper is Bad’ video (kind of), which you can see in the ‘Videos’ section



23 July 2007

Sorry for the late post, but I think what I will do from now on is simply update once a week, let’s say Mondays…

Here is Albert Mohler’s response to the Pope’s recent comment about the Catholic church being the “true church”

Another Albert Mohler article on A Generation Raised on Electronics

I should just have a separate Al Mohler section…
or you could just go to his blog…

The History of Heresy: Five Errors that Refuse to Die


10 July 2007

So if you did not see I have changed my xanga back to what it use to be, a little happy about that, but I think I will still use wordpress, I will simply place a link to my xanga when I update here

From the Desiring God website, something on the lottery and tithing

One thing I would love to learn would be an Australian Accent, or have a girlfriend with an English/Australian Accent…

Henry Scougal, The Life of God in the soul of Man, is a very good book on regeneration of a Christian, READ IT, here is the book on Google Books, but I got mine on here, and of course you can always buy the book on Monergism, here is also a summary (sort of) on the book by John Piper, which does not mean that you do not have to read it anymore

I was on the bus today and overheard a conversation, I will cut through all the details for your convenience, and one of them said he made his living off of gambling (sports betting) and how if he wins the next game he will have enough for two months rent, and he concluded, “That’s the life,” in a congratulatory manner to himself. To have the meaning of God-given life minimized to paying off bill early is truly sad. What one can say truly as “chasing after the wind.”

The overview from the website of a new church, The Summit, that opened up a few weeks ago on campus:

Welcome to the Summit!
The very first thing we’ll ask you is simple: relax. Even if you’ve never been in church before, we’re confident you’ll fit right in. We want you to feel comfortable enough to connect with the personal hope and practical help that God offers us.

What you will find is this:
A casual atmosphere
Friendly people who will help you find your way around
Great coffee, juices and something to snack on
Modern music and high-impast media
Messeges relevant to your daily life
Clean, bright facility
A safe and fun children’s program
That you matter to God – and to The Summit

Whether you are single, married, single again, with or without children – no matter where you’ve been of what you’ve done – we invite you to experience The Summit

I would like to nitpick, but I have never been to this church and I could take somethings out of their context and I think it would not help the situation much if I were to do so, but I will point out two things, one which is how non-confronting or if you like positives how comforting it is and secondly I never knew “relax” could be used as a question. I will let you be the judge, here is their church website.

New Beginnings (for real)

3 July 2007

So I have officially switched to WordPress because of the resulting mess I was handed when I pressed “Xanga Themes.” I will still keep my xanga site up for simply reading my subscriptions, but will not update. I must apologize to the few that read my site from the subscriptions area and now must come here to read about my randomness, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do

Well if you do not know what Christian Smoker means, go over to the “About Me” section, I might edit it later on for a more comprehensive answer

So Worship Matters is giving away the song “Let Your Kingdom Come” for free, so go download it, musically I do not really like the verse’s construction (how it sounds), but the chorus catches me, of course the song speaks for itself lyrically

C.J. Mahaney’s Testimony, good stuff